Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A family doctor's favorite podcasts - updated for 2020

Since publishing my first list of favorite podcasts in 2016, followed by a second list in 2018, I have continued to try new podcasts to replace ones that either lost my interest or stopped dropping new episodes. How do I find the time? I listen while commuting in my car, on foot, or on the Metro. I listen while folding or putting away laundry. There are a lot of moments when I'd rather listen to a podcast than to music or a typical talk show where all people seem to do is try to talk over each other. And if I run into a dull episode or the topic just doesn't fit my mood that day, I cut it short and move on.

Health policy

The American Health Podcast
An Arm and A Leg
The Impact
POLITICO's Pulse Check
What the Health?

Current events and popular culture

Against the Rules
The Forward
The Happiness Lab
TED Radio Hour
30 for 30 Podcasts
This American Life
Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me!


The Civil War: A History Podcast
Q & Abe
Revisionist History

Science, medicine and exploration

American Family Physician Podcast
Explore The Space
Hidden Brain
Houston We Have a Podcast
Medicine and the Machine
Plenary Session
Primary Care Update