Selected Publications (through May 6, 2020)

I have published research articles, textbook chapters, editorials, and letters in the medical literature about some of the topics that I write about on this blog. Below is a list of selected publications, with links to abstracts or full articles if available:

1. Lin KW. Book review: Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World. Fam Med 2020;52(5):371-372.

2. Coutinho AJ, Nguyen B, Kelly C, Lin KW, Gits A, Crichlow R, Moreno G. Formal advocacy curricula in family medicine residencies: a CERA survey of program directors. Fam Med 2020;52(4):255-261.

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5. Lin KW. mSEPT9 Blood Test (Epi proColon) for Colorectal Cancer Screening. Am Fam Physician 2019;100(1):10-11.

6. Lin KW, Middleton J. Rethinking aspirin for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Am Fam Physician 2019;99(11):670-671.

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