Medscape Family Medicine Video Commentaries


1. Lung Cancer: To Screen or Not to Screen (1/16/15)

2. Transforming Primary Care One House Call at a Time (3/31/15)

3. Can Patients Understand the Concept of Overdiagnosis? (4/7/15)

4. Screening Mammography Guidelines: The Change Clinicians Should Know (5/29/15)

5. Conflicts of Interest and Guidelines: Is Bias A Worry? (7/27/15)

6. Primary Care Training: Follow the Money (8/7/15)

7. "Death Panels": Moving Beyond the Rhetoric (9/10/15)

8. Breast Cancer Screening: The Evidence Is Piling Up (10/26/15)

9. Putting SPRINT in Focus for Primary Care (11/16/15)

10. Opioid Abuse: A Primary Care-Created Problem? (12/22/15)


11. Make No Mistake! A Strategic Plan for Diagnostic Error (2/10/16)

12. Primary Care: No 'Match' for Higher-Income Specialties (3/21/16)

13. Aspirin for Primary Prevention: 2016 USPSTF Recommendations (4/14/16)

14. Unequal Treatment: Teaching About Racism During Medical Education (6/20/16)

15. Navigating the Opioid Crisis: A Primary Care Perspective (8/2/16)

16. Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines: More Harm Than Good? (8/22/16)

17. Diabetes Prevention: More Than Just Screening and Lifestyle Changes (10/18/16)

18. Does Combatting Physician Burnout Improve Patient Care As Well? (11/18/16)

19. Improving Family Medicine: Expanding Nurses' Role (12/19/16)


20. Pharmacologic Management of Hypertension: A New Guideline from ACP and AAFP (1/24/17)

21. Are the Testosterone Trials the Final Word? A Primary Care Perspective (3/6/17)

22. The American Health Care Act: What Can We Check Off on the Primary Care Wish List? (3/20/17)

23. Prostate Cancer Screening Is Back in the News: What Now? (4/17/17)

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